Exhibition Complex


  • No. of Halls : 5
  • Total area : 77,200 sqm
  • Halls with state-of-the-art technology :
    1. Floor loading capacity of 0.75 to 30 MT/sqm
    2. Under floor ducts for power, water, compressed air, telecommunication facilities
    3. Column-less structure spanning 60 mts width
    4. Floor to roof is 18 mts at the center and 9 mts at the sides
  • Designed to offer flexibility in layout planning
  • Adequate passageway for large trucks carrying exhibits, to access the stall location right into the halls
  • Office space for organizer at every hall, Business Centre at Hall 1 and control rooms
  • Differently-abled friendly venue with access to every part of the venue
  • Infrastructure to provide adequate supply of power to exhibitions of any size
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