Importance of Trade Fairs in Ushering Economic Growth

Trade shows, conferences, corporate events, economic forums and exhibitions are harbingers of wealth and prosperity. Exhibitions provide a sophisticated platform for organizing business as well as knowledge sharing. The entire marketplace is made available on customer’s fingertips.

Exhibitions serve as unique platforms for networking which enables industries to connect with their customers, take feedback and determine market potential. Exhibitions also have a positive bearing on a country’s economy. This is so in many countries which top the list in terms of economy.

India’s exhibition industry is still evolving in nurturing trust and building confidence. Every stakeholder across industry sectors be it manufacturers, traders, consumers, or policymakers, each one needs to understand the importance of this industry and try to bridge the trade gap through exhibitions. This would make the think tanks look at this segment seriously and give due importance.

Granting exhibitions segment ‘industry’ status would perhaps enable us to meet many aspirations and increase exhibitions contribution to the growth of economy significantly.

Industry status will also help the sector gain due credibility and enable show organizers to avail loans from financial institutions at affordable rates. The country’s economy would grow much faster. Exhibition organizers would also be aided with competitive venue rates. It will also trigger the development of good venues under public-private partnership model. This will change the dynamics of the economy and lead to more joint ventures and tie-ups. More international organizers will foray into India and bring further investments to our country.

Exhibitions which are currently growing at a rate of around 10% - 12% can record a better growth rate. Perhaps this could also lead to a demand for engaging right people with right expertise. Job aspirants willing to set their foot in the exhibitions space need to stay tuned for this.